Sports!! We all love to play and watch. Although sports are viewed today as a competitive activity, it can also be practiced for leisure and fitness purposes.

The Banana Kick encourages everyone young and old to engage in physical activities and here are some of the rewards for doing so.
  • It can encourage social behaviour and improve one’s ability to work with the team
  • It boosts your endurance and fitness levels so you stay healthier and longer
  • Teaches self-discipline to adapt a healthy lifestyle that is much needed in a fast paced corporate world.              img_20170227_121242

    What is Five-a-side and Seven-a-side Game?
    is a variation of association football in which each team fields five players (four outfield players and a goalkeeper). Similarly, Seven-a-side is a variation of association football in which each team fields seven players (Six outfield players and a goalkeeper).Other differences from football include a smaller pitch, smaller goals, and a reduced game duration. Matches are played on AstroTurf or artificial grass pitches that may be enclosed within a barrier or “cage” to prevent the ball from leaving the playing area and keep the game flowing.
  • The Banana Kick – Football Arena & Cafe has a total space of 15,000 sqft in which the playing area is of 110 ft x 80 ft. This allows the facility to sport a Seven-a-side game.img_20170620_171520
  • The property includes changing rooms, shower rooms and storage area.
  • The arena is floodlit and has FIFA certified Turf with latest generation rubber crumb playing surfaces.
  • Ideal for training with safer and more realistic play than an old style gravel pitch.

img_20170227_121310     img_20170227_121306

  • A Cafe serving Mediterranean food
    The cafe serves Mediterranean food as well as coolers for the thirsty players and the audience can chillout, grab some and and drinks while watching live matches. img_20170315_112956