Wooden stairs, wooden ceiling beams and vertical wooden slats were a 70s thing. Just like everything else that seems to be inspired by our past – decor trends too are reinventing themselves. One such fad that seems to have bitten everyone is decorating their homes with wooden walls. Be it doing their walls up with faux wood panels or having actual logs of wood fitted into your walls – wood walls are a fashion statement. So if you considering giving your walls a makeover, here are a few ways you could incorporate wood walls in your homes.

1. Give your whitewashed bedroom walls some character by adding some horizontal wooden planks



2. Bring your living room wall into focus by using variations of wood. Emphasize the space by using cut out wooden logs



3. Surround yourself with simple and natural materials by doing up the interiors of your bedroom with light natural wood.


4. Instead of placing tiles in your bathroom get the walls covered in wooden slats and panels. It will not only elongate the space, it will also get the better of those usual washroom ideas!

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5) Deck your living room walls with some deep wood panels and enjoy the woody feel!

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6. Give your stark kitchen walls a revamp by adding warmth to it. Deep coloured planks can be very successful in creating modern yet comfortable spaces

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