PEB (Pre-Engineered) Steel Structure – A smart and cost effective solution


Keeping pace with the current phenomenon of tech-centric innovation and instant solution, the manufacturing industry has over the years evolved to cater to its client a smart solution that effectively suffices a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements – and thus the advent of Pre-Engineered Steel Building System.
The Pre-Engineered Steel Building System, also known as PEB, has been conceptualized with an aim to provide custom-made construction solution within a pre-determined timeframe specific to the client requirements.


STOA values this growing demand for smart construction solution and endeavours to offer premium services to its client. We aim to contribute to the PEB ecosystem with our exclusive offerings. With the system designed to be fabricated using a pre-determined inventory of raw materials and manufacturing methods, STOA promises a little more by ensuring the right solution for smart construction through smart engineering.

Why STOA believes that PEB can bring you the smart solution:
The PEB system has brought revolution in the manufacturing industry by adopting advanced methodology to ensure quick execution of construction project without compromising on quality.

Here are few smart attributes of the system:

Smart approach– Contrary to the conventional method, the present building enclosure system uses pre-manufactured components that not only saves time but also is economic.

Smart technique – Incorporating custom computer aided designs that abide by the international design standards and codes, this advantageous system facilitates the pre-construction planning and provides the client a comprehensive idea of the project. The design can be customized to suit one’s purpose and preference.

Smart solution – The pre-engineered steel building system is increasingly becoming popular due to its unique feature of assembling structural elements that work together to provide a very efficient system. The system allows the creation of large column-free enclosures and the buildings are custom-engineered to specific dimensions, structural standards and materials in accordance with standard building codes. Although the system has been typically popular for building warehouses and distribution centres, but due its productive solution its utility has expanded to cater to the arenas of retail stores, shopping centres, motels, auto dealerships, office complexes, airplane hangars, sports, entertainment, schools, libraries, medical facilities and even government buildings.

What STOA has to offer-
We value your demand and endeavour to bring in the best construction solution through the application of smart technologies and top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment. With an adept and experienced team of technologists, STOA assures a smart construction solution with greater speed and accuracy than is possible using conventional methods. Our PEB solution offers unique cost and performance benefits including unlimited design flexibility and sustainability attributes.
STOA has executed multiple PEB Structure projects.